How to reduce puffiness, bloat and cellulite at home: The 411 on lymphatic drainage

Do you ever feel bloated? Puffy? Heavy? It’s time you try lymphatic drainage. There’s a reason why millions of people are calling it the number one wellness trend of 2020 - it actually works! If you’re new to the world of lymphatic drainage, we’re here to give you the 411 on how you can achieve optimal lymphatic health - and the best part? We offer a solution to do it manually, so you can say goodbye to expensive massages and hello to at home results.


What is the lymphatic system?

There are numerous systems in the body that are responsible for maintaining your physical and mental health. When they don’t work properly, complications occur. When you are in optimal health your body is able to efficiently detoxify the body, fight pathogens, maintain immune function, communicate information and transmit signals, and regulate homeostasis (the state of being in balance).

 One of these systems is the lymphatic system, a system that until recently has been widely ignored by the wellness industry. The lymphatic system can be categorized as having three main functions: for detoxification,  immune maintenance and facilitates the absorption of fat.

The lymph system is essentially a network of vessels that pass through nearly all of the tissues and organs in our body. Through these vessels, lymph fluid is transported around the body similar to how blood passes through blood vessels. This fluid transports white blood cells, to fight infections and maintain immune health.

The lymphatic vessels are connected to nodes to drain the fluid, and remove any toxins or waste picked up along the way. These are drained via the 600 lymph nodes in the body that flush out the waste and fluid in excretion.

However, the system is not always that efficient or effective. This is because unlike blood that is pumped throughout the body by the heart, lymph fluid is transported around the body from muscle contractions or external manipulation of the tissues. Based on how the fluid is transported, it’s common for toxins, bacteria and fluid to build up in the body, creating a puffy, swollen appearance. Which leads us onto our next point...


What is lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is the external manipulation of the tissues to drain any excess fluid. A lymphatic drainage massage is typically done in two stages:

  1. Clearing
  2. Reabsorption

During the clearing phase, gentle pressure is applied to stimulate fluid production in the body, causing a flushing effect as more fluid flows to the blockage point to drain the buildup of fluid and waste. During the reabsorption phase, gentle sweeping motions cause lymphatic vessels to reabsorb this part of the lymph fluid to return it to circulation, to maintain tissue fluid balance.


Benefits of using The ReKoop Board

Lymphatic drainage massages are amazing, but expensive. Not everyone is able to pay for regular drainage massages, nor are they possible during this global lockdown. Even so, being able to get lymphatic drainage at home is preferred. Introducing: The ReKoop lymphatic drainage contouring board.

This inexpensive and highly effective hand held board helps to flush out any buildup of fluid in the body that may be responsible for your swollen, bloated appearance. Manual lymphatic drainage has been shown in research to be equally as effective as a massage, and can take just 10 minutes to dramatically reduce puffiness and fluid retention. Studies show that regularly draining your lymph nodes can assist with reducing cellulite, weight loss, immune function and improving skin quality.

So what are you waiting for? Help your body get the help it needs to work optimally - try out our ReKoop Lymphatic Drainage Contouring Pro Board today.