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Serve from the Saucer

The first time I heard about serving others only when your cup is full, I immediately thought it was selfish. The message was to take care of yourself first, love yourself first and then do the same for others. I used to follow the thought that once you care for others more, your needs will magically be taken care of and you’ll be fulfilled. I found myself being disappointed when others didn't reciprocate my actions. I realized I was serving from an empty cup. I neglected my needs to be there for others. My life lost balance. No one’s fault but my own. So I started filling my cup with things that replenished me. For example exercise, or silence, nature, baking, travel, or bubble baths. I started consciously filling my cup with things that lifted my spirit and energized my body. Then I would fill it a little more until it was literally overflowing. I was then able to joyfully give to everyone else from the overflow. You give from the saucer, not the cup.

What and who are your cup-fillers?