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Let’s start with the name. The Rekoop is a play on my childhood nick name Pooker, spelled backwards. I consider myself like most women in this day and age a renaissance women. I have multiple interests ranging from health and wellness to food and hospitality, my family business. I’m always on the go and find it difficult to find "me" time like most of us. 

I’ve learned that I must take time to ReKoop.  My main goal for founding The ReKoop is helping you to elevate the frequency at which you vibrate.  When you elevate your frequency you experience greater peace, joy, love and mental clarity.  Our products and tools help facilitate the process and help you achieve wellness inside and out. 

I hope you enjoy our small collection of products from amazing small batch curators. We chose to feature products from companies that use only natural ingredients and are made in the USA.  Take time today to reconnect with yourself with the help of our Ritual kits, Crystals, Jewelry, Candles, Beauty and health products.  

Welcome to The ReKoop! It’s time to get elevated. 

Love & Light,